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Black SUV

Black SUV

Per Hour Rate
$65 / Hour *Prices above subject to Travel Fees and Tip not Included
Airport Transfer
$75 *Prices above subject to Travel Fees and Tip not Included
4 Passengers
Black Leather Interior
Heated Seats
Prices above subject to Travel Fees and Tip not Included
DVD Player
On Board Wi-Fi
iPhone Charger
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    Max Passenger Description
    5-6 Passengers SUV offers luxury ride free of worries for a bigger group of people compared to our sedan vehicles. The SUV fits 5 passengers comfortably with plenty of legroom but we can add 6th passenger. Use this luxury SUV for weddings, Quince, sweet sixteen, airport transfer, date night, city tour, or concert.
    Drinks Vitality chauffeurs offer free water and soda at their discretion. No drinks are provided during airport transfers. Passenger can bring their own drinks. To prevent injuries and accidents, we ask that all under age passengers use provided plastic cups, cans, or water bottles. You must be at legal age, 21 years or older, to drink alcoholic beverages or smoke. No smoking or consumption of alcoholic beverages for underage passengers; please follow Texas Alcoholic and liquor beverage laws. **If underage passengers are caught drinking alcoholic beverages or smoking, the passenger’s parents will be notified, returned to the pickup area, the trip will be canceled without a refund, and charged for the entire allocated rental time.
    Snacks You can bring your own snacks.
    Suggested Tip We recommend you tip our chauffeurs at least 20% or more of total bill.
    Extra charge time If your allocated rental time does goes over, the time is prorated every half hour intervals. For example if your rental is $450 an hour then the rate is $225 every half hour interval. If you are unsure how much time you need to allocate your rental time, please give us a call to go over your event and help you decide. Early drop-off is not prorated.
    Allocated time Allocated time is the the time we drive to the pickup area to the time we drop you off. If you are planning to do an extra activity while under the time allocated, such as site seeing, dinner, photography, or a concert, that time spent doing the activity is part of the limo rental time allocated. We suggest you plan your time wisely to prevent extra fees. For example, if your photographer set a two hour photography session, add an extra two hours to your limo allocated rental time or do your photography before we arrive. If you would like to take pictures with our limo, have your pickup area be your photography setup area and include limo allocated time rental be in the neighborhood of 30 to 10 minutes of limo photography.
    * Extra fee to pick up area Some areas are further in distance and will take the chauffeur extra time to pick you up; due to this circumstance, there will be an extra fee for the pickup area. You will be informed about an extra pickup area charge fees at the time of reservation.
    Chauffeur Licensing All our chauffeurs are license commercial drivers with experience. We take extra care to ensure safety at all times and timely arrivals. For airport transfers or timely event sessions, please confirm with the chauffeur the allocated rental time to ensure on time arrivals.
    • Point to point service
    • Dedicated chauffeur service
    • Air port transfer
    • Night life service